October 2023 Call

Seminar Series and Workshop on Biological Control Systems

This project will support and extend a seminar series focusing on advances in the control of biological systems. An online workshop will be organized in the second half of 2024, hosted on a virtual space platform that will facilitate participant interactions, especially in poster sessions.

Build, Control and Fly: Mini-drone Activities

The project aims to engage a diverse range of young people in interactive learning experiences with a focus on control engineering. High-school students will have the opportunity to explore, construct, program, and operate small aerial drones in the form of a hands-on workshop. In addition, captivating drone flight demonstrations will be conducted to educate the broader public.

ROV-based treasure hunts for attracting students towards control and robotics

A series of public treasure-hunt events that utilize remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to explore specially designed underwater gyms will be held. The events are designed to be inclusive, allowing anyone to sign up and participate. Participants will take turns manually guiding an ROV equipped with a camera. The participants' performance in this task will be assessed and winners in various categories will be recognized and rewarded.

Developing children’s tridimensional ordinality through control systems and robots

This project aims to develop children’s tridimensional ordinality. Control systems and robots will be employed to nurture such skills in primary students ranging from 6 to 11 years old. The project team consists of both psychologists and engineers, which will facilitate observation of the influence of STEM toys/experiments in dealing with mathematical anxiety. The project hopes to help children enjoy mathematics and be inspired to consider STEM careers in the future.

The Control Engineering Exercises Journal – IT infrastructure costs for the startup period

The project team is currently testing a mechanism that shall (ideally) promote sharing open access control education resources. The mechanism enables teachers to submit their most interesting conceptual exercises (with their solutions) for peer review in a dedicated journal, for now informally called "Control Engineering Exercises". This project will support the web hosting costs for the startup period of the journal.