Legacy Materials -- Pilot Industry Committee (2014-2017)


Surveys undertaken by the Industry Committee

Committee Materials

Reports, presentations, notes, etc. from Industry Committee activities, including meeting presentations.

Workstream A: Benchmarking industry participation in IFAC

Collect data on industry participation in IFAC and any other related data (e.g., from other organizations such as IEEE CSS). Analyze data, summarize findings, and develop hypotheses. Analysis by industry sector, geography, and other factors would be useful. [Chair: Serge Boverie]

Workstream B: Industry engagement models in different geographies and sectors

There seems to be considerable variation in industry engagement in difference countries/regions and different sectors. This workstream will collect information on industry-engagement models (e.g., government co-funding programs, industry consortia) and attempt to identify best practices that other regions/sectors can learn from. [Chair: Kazuya Asano]

Workstream C: “Voice of industry”

Gather industry viewpoints on what issues they see with leveraging IFAC activities and academic research. These will probably also be specific to sectors, and perhaps to geographies as well. [Chair: Alex van Delft]

Workstream D: Enhancing industry participation in IFAC

Scope: Recommend changes to conferences, journals, and committees that are likely to increase industry participation and make IFAC more relevant to industry. Other mechanisms could also be looked at (e.g., start a webinar series?). The recommendations should be informed by outputs from the above workstreams. Workstream Chair: Roger Goodall

Workstream E: IFAC Constitution amendment for the Industry Committee

IFAC Constitution amendment for the Industry Committee (Tariq Samad, chair) – Formalize the notion of a permanent IFAC Industry Committee. Define a suitable structure and scope. Governance and leadership should also be defined. Propose changes to the constitution to this end. [Chair: Tariq Samad]