Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Question: I am the general chair of an IFAC sponsored event. Can I apply for funding?

Answer: The Activity Fund does not sponsor IFAC events. However, there may be special activities at the event that can be sponsored such as student benchmark competitions, diversity and inclusion events or community outreach workshops. 

Question: I am thinking to submit a proposal for a novel format of exchanging ideas in amongst the community. Can this be sponsored?

Answer: We are very pleased to hear from you and look forward to your application.

Question: I am conducting research project that is positive for humankind – can this be sponsored?

Answer: We are very pleased to hear that your research has a positive impact. However, research projects are not sponsored by the Activity Fund. 

Question: I am looking into setting up an annual sponsored prize. Can this be sponsored?

Answer: Prizes in IFAC are created through the IFAC Awards committee. 

Question: I am setting up a learning toolbox for developing engaging in decision-making software tools.

Answer: We are very pleased to hear from you and look forward to your application. You may also want to visit our past projects and reach out to the colleagues who have started similar projects.

Question: What is needed from the sponsoring IFAC body?

Answer: The application for the activity fund needs to be accompanied by a letter of support by an IFAC TC or NMO. This should be signed by the TC chair. 

Question: A established colleagues recommends my application. Shall I submit a reference letter?

Answer: Reference letters by individuals are welcome but not required.

Question: I am a TC (co) chair and have received a request to sponsor an activity. What should I do?

Answer: If you feel the activity is useful you need to write a letter why you think this is the case. It is in your discretion to decide if you believe that the activity furthers the interest and the TC and control engineering in general. We suggest that you discuss with the TC what impact the activity has and how it can be leveraged. Also, consider how confident you are that the individual is able to execute the activity.

Question: If my application is successful, how will I paid and do I have to provide any invoices?

Answer: We will ask you to sign a gift agreement. An initial payment of 50% of the amount applied for is made after receiving the signed agreement. The remaining amount is paid after the activity took place and we have received the final report from you. We also require invoices for cost incurred. You can contact us if you have any constraints.

Question: My university charges 10% administration fee. Will this we paid by the fund?

Answer: We appreciate that some universities charge such fees. The administration fee can be covered by the sponsorship but must be included in the total award.