Benchmarking for Industrial Control Practices

Benchmarks are a set of standards or references against which things may be compared. Many benchmarks have been developed by the controls community for various industrial control problems. This allows practical engineering problems to be resolved collectively and thus enables advanced control in industrial practices.

The IFAC Industry Committee (IndCom) is aware of the importance of benchmarking practical control challenges. Many examples have demonstrated that benchmarks can effectively define engineering problems, guide and focus research, and they can be used to evaluate and compare prospective solutions in a transparent way.

Hence, motivated to enable the industry by advanced control, this task force - "Benchmarking for Industrial Control Practices" is developed. The task force will establish an effective way of bridging the control society with industrial problems via, for instance, identifying, documenting, publishing, disseminating, organising, and storing benchmarks.

Task Force Chair: Kaiqiang Zhang, UK Atomic Energy Authority, kaiqiang.zhang (at)

Task Force Members:

The committee is currently building the task force team in preparation for the first steering discussion.