Reference Materials

Documents and links for reports, articles, etc. on industrial success stories for advanced control, perspective articles, interviews, etc.
The Impact of Control Technology (2011)

First edition of the Impact of Control Technology report, published by IEEE Control Systems Society. Includes 23 two-page flyers on "Success Stories" as well as discussions on the application of advanced control to application areas: aerospace, process industries, automotive, robotics, biological systems, and renewable energy and smart grids. Research challenges are also featured.

Identification and Control: The Gap Between Theory and Practice

Front matter from an edited volume published by Springer (2007). Editors are Ricardo S. Sánchez Peña, Joseba Quevedo Casín, and Vicenç Puig Cayuela. Includes preface, table of contents, and list of contributors. With thanks to Ricardo Sánchez Peña.

Industrial and Academic Experience in Aerospace Fault Detection and Diagnosis

This document is a report from an EU/IEEE-CSS workshop organized under the auspices of the EU FP7 project "Advanced Fault Diagnosis for Sustainable Flight Guidance and Control" (ADDSAFE). The reader's attention is drawn to Section 2.3 in particular, where industrial and academic perspectives are contrasted. This report provided courtesy of and with thanks to Andres Marcos.