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The IFAC Industry Committee (IndCom)

Indcom aims to strengthen the engagement of industry and industry representatives in IFAC activities, enhance the value of IFAC to industry, help control research realize its full potential for industry impact and to ensure that research and education in academia is informed by industry perspectives

Starting from the 2017 World Congress in Toulouse (France), IFAC has established an Industry Committee (IndCom), reporting to the IFAC Council. The goals of the committee are to:

  • Strengthen the engagement of industry and industry representatives in IFAC activities
  • Enhance the value of IFAC to industry
  • Help control research realize its full potential for industry impact
  • Help research and education in academia be better informed by industry perspective

The committee currently numbers about 100 members, more than half of whom are affiliated with industry (most of the rest have had substantial industry experience over their careers). The Industry Committee welcomes additional members with significant industry experience. If you are interested please contact the IndCom chair, Tariq Samad (tsamad(at)umn.edu) or the chair of the IndCom Communications subcommittee, Kevin Brooks (Kevin.Brooks(at)apc-smart.com)

Indcom Excom

The Executive Subcommittee of the IFAC Industry Committee currently consists of 11 members.
Kevin Brooks
Kevin Brooks
APC SMART/ Univ. of the Witwatersrand(ZA)
Tariq Samad
Univ. of Minnesota (US)
Moncef Chioua
Polytechnique Montreal (CA)
Stefano Di Cairano
Mitsubishi Electric (US) 
Philippe Goupil
Philippe Goupil
Airbus (FR)
Steve Kahne
Steve Kahne
Retired (US)
Iven Mareels
Iven Mareels
Federation University (AU)
i.mareels (at) federation.edu.au
Portrait photo of Alisa Rupenyan
Alisa Rupenyan
Atanas Serbezov
Atanas Serbezov
Rose-HulmanInst. of Tech. (US)
Alex van Delft
Alex van Delft
Consultant (NL)
Portrait photo of Bill Tubbs
Bill Tubbs
Consultant (CA)

IFAC IndCom Roster

Membership roster for the IFAC Industry Committee.
Name Details
Hans Aalto Country: FI
Affiliation: Take Control Oy
Type: Industry
E-mail: hansaalto852 (at) gmail.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 5.4
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (petroleum refining, petrochemicals, chemicals); natural gas transmission

Daniel Abramovitch Country: US
Affiliation: Agilent
Type: Industry
E-mail: danny001 (at) pacbell.net
Industry Sector(s): Mechatronic storage (optical and magnetic disk drives); high-performance instrumentation; atomic force microscopes; mass spectrometers

Sergey Abrashov Country: FR
Affiliation: Continental Engineering Services
Type: Industry
E-mail: sergey.abrashov (at) conti-engineering.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive (Tier 1)

Lounis Adouane Country: FR
Affiliation: Université de Technologie de Compiègne
Type: Academic
E-mail: lounis.adouane (at) hds.utc.fr
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.5
Industry Sector(s): Automotive (autonomous vehicles, hybrid-electric vehicles), defense (autonomous ground vehicles, cooperative air/land robots, swarm robots)

David Anisi Country: NO
Affiliation: Norwegian Univ. of Life Sci.
Type: Academic
E-mail: david.anisi (at) nmbu.no
Industry Sector(s): Robotics, Oil & Gas, Agriculture

Finn Ankersen Country: NL
Affiliation: Consultant
Type: Industry
E-mail: finn.ankersen (at) ieee.org
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.3
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace; power generation and conversion

Aitor Arnaiz Country: ES
Affiliation: IK4 Tekniker
Type: Industry
E-mail: aitor.arnaiz (at) tekniker.es
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 5.1
Industry Sector(s): process industries; manufacturing; renewable energy

Kazuya Asano Country: JP
Affiliation: JFE Techno-research Corporation
Type: Industry
E-mail: ka-asano (at) jfe-tec.co.jp
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 Ind Chair
Industry Sector(s): Metals (steel)

Lidia Auret Country: ZA
Affiliation: Stone Three Digital
Type: Industry
E-mail: lidia.auret (at) stonethree.com
Industry Sector(s): Mineral processing (sensors, control, monitoring, process monitoring)

Tom Badgwell Country: US
Affiliation: Collaborative Systems Integration
Type: Industry
E-mail: tom.badgwell (at) gmail.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.1
Industry Sector(s): Oil and gas

Jayesh Barve Country: IN
Affiliation: GE
Type: Industry
E-mail: barve.jayesh (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Power generation, oil & gas, appliances, transportation, water management, cement, discrete manufacturing

Martin Bayliss Country: UK
Affiliation: Callen Lenz Consulting
Type: Industry
E-mail: mtbayliss72 (at) gmail.com

Abdessattar Ben Amor Country: TU
Affiliation: Nat. Inst. of Appl. Sci. & Tech.
Type: Academic
E-mail: mrdssrst (at) yahoo.fr

Abdelkrim Benchaib Country: FR
Affiliation: SuperGrid Institute
Type: Industry
E-mail: abdelkrim.benchaib (at) supergrid-institute.com
Industry Sector(s): Power systems

Neila Bhouri Country: FR
Affiliation: IFSTTAR
Type: Government
E-mail: neila.bhouri (at) ifsttar.fr
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.4

Rogier Blom Country: US
Affiliation: GE
Type: Industry
E-mail: blom (at) ge.com
Industry Sector(s): Renewables; power generation; aviation; oil & gas; transportation; additive manufacturing; robotics

Nunzio Bonavita Country: IT
Affiliation: ABB
Type: Industry
E-mail: nunzio.bonavita (at) it.abb.com
Industry Sector(s): Technology ventures

Ali Borhan Country: US
Affiliation: Cummins
Type: Industry
E-mail: hborhan (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive (connected, electric, and fuel-cell vehicles; powertrains); freight operations

Scott Bortoff Country: US
Affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric
Type: Industry
E-mail: bortoff (at) merl.com
Industry Sector(s): HVAC; buildings (elevators); factory automation (robotics); HVAC; aerospace (engines, power distribution)

Delphine Bresch-Pietri Country: FR
Affiliation: Mines-Paristech
Type: Academic
E-mail: delphine.bresch-pietri (at) mines-paristech.fr
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.6

Kevin Brooks Country: ZA
Affiliation: APC Smart
Type: Industry
E-mail: kevin.brooks (at) wits.ac.za
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.2
Industry Sector(s): oil refining; pulp and paper; mining, metals, minerals (MMM)

John Burchell Country: ZA
Affiliation: Sibanye-Stillwater
Type: Industry
E-mail: burchell.john (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Mineral processing; mining

Leo Chiang Country: US
Affiliation: Dow
Type: Industry
E-mail: hchiang (at) dow.com

Moncef Chioua Country: CA
Affiliation: Polytechnique Montreal
Type: Academic
E-mail: moncef.chioua (at) polymtl.ca
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Pulp and paper, oil and gas

Loutjie Coetzee Country: ZA
Affiliation: Mintek
Type: Industry
E-mail: loutjiec (at) mintek.co.za

Francesco Corona Country: FI
Affiliation: Aalto University
Type: Academic
E-mail: francesco.corona (at) aalto.fi
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 8.4
Industry Sector(s): Process industries; environmental (water treatment)

Francesco Cuzzola Country: IT
Affiliation: Danieli Automation
Type: Industry
E-mail: francescoalessandro.cuzzola (at) polimi.it
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.2
Industry Sector(s): Metals

Robert David Country: BE
Affiliation: Technord
Type: Industry
E-mail: r.david (at) technord.com
Industry Sector(s): Food and beverage; pharma; cement; water distribution

Lane Desborough Country: US
Affiliation: Nudge BG
Type: Industry
E-mail: ldesboro (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Biomedical; process industries

Stefano Di Cairano Country: US
Affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric
Type: Industry
E-mail: dicairano (at) ieee.org
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.4
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; aerospace; industrial automation

Mamadou Lamine Diagne Country: US
Affiliation: UCSD
Type: Academic
E-mail: diagnm (at) rpi.edu
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 1.2

Japie Engelbrecht Country: ZA
Affiliation: Stellenbosch University
Type: Academic
E-mail: jengelbr (at) sun.ac.za
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace, UAVs

Lars Eriksson Country: SE
Affiliation: Linkoping University
Type: Academic
E-mail: lars.eriksson (at) liu.se
IFAC Role(s): Chair CC7
Industry Sector(s): Transportation and vehicle systems

Yongsoon Eun Country: KR
Affiliation: Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology
Type: Academic
E-mail: yeun (at) dgist.ac.kr

Lorenzo Fagiano Country: IT
Affiliation: Politecnico Milano
Type: Academic
E-mail: lorenzo.fagiano (at) polimi.it
Industry Sector(s): Power systems (generation and transmission); industrial, manufacturing, and grid automation

Eduardo Gallestey Alvarez Country: CH
Affiliation: Honeywell
Type: Industry
E-mail: eduardo.gallestey (at) honeywell.com
Industry Sector(s): Power generation; process industries; mining and minerals processing; upstream oil & gas

Ankur Ganguli Country: US
Affiliation: General Motors
Type: Industry
E-mail: ankur.ganguli (at) gm.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive

Mario Garcia-Sanz Country: US
Affiliation: Department of Energy
Type: Government
E-mail: mario.garcia-sanz (at) hq.doe.gov
Industry Sector(s): Renewable energy

Rafael Gonzalez Martin  Country: ES
Affiliation: Repsol
Type: Industry
E-mail: rgonzalezm (at) repsol.com
Industry Sector(s): Oil refining

Bhushan Gopaluni Country: CA
Affiliation: Univ. of British Columbia
Type: Academic
E-mail: bhushan.gopaluni (at) ubc.ca
Industry Sector(s): Forest products; oil & gas; chemicals; pharmaceuticals

Philippe Goupil Country: FR
Affiliation: Airbus
Type: Industry
E-mail: philippe.goupil (at) airbus.com
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace

Benny Grosman Country: US
Affiliation: Medtronic
Type: Industry
E-mail: cerdlbg (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Medical technology 

Carlos Guardiola Country: ES
Affiliation: Univ. Polit. Valencia
Type: Academic
E-mail: carguaga (at) mot.upv.es
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.1
Industry Sector(s): Automotive

Oleg Gusekhin Country: US
Affiliation: Ford Motor Company
Type: Industry
E-mail: ogusikhi (at) ford.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 5.2
Industry Sector(s): Supply chain management, manufacturing, IoT, automotive, smart mobility

Christoforos Hadjicostis Country: CY
Affiliation: Univ. of Cyprus
Type: Academic
E-mail: chadjic (at) ucy.ac.cy
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 1.3
Industry Sector(s): Social networks

Vahid Hassani Country: NO
Affiliation: OsloMet University
Type: Academic
E-mail: Vahid.Hassani (at) oslomet.no
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.2
Industry Sector(s): Marine vehicles and platforms

Vladimir Havlena Country: CZ
Affiliation: Czech Technical University
Type: Academic
E-mail: Vladimir.Havlena (at) cvut.cz
Industry Sector(s): advanced localization, sensor fusion (GPS, inertial, odometry, video, Lidar etc.), advanced driver assistance systems, and collision avoidance for trams

Marcel Heertjes Country: NL
Affiliation: ASML
Type: Industry
E-mail: Marcel.Heertjes (at) asml.com
Industry Sector(s): Semiconductor processing; motion control

Gernot Herbst Country: DE
Affiliation: Zwickau Univ. of Applied Sci.
Type: Academic
E-mail: gernot.herbst (at) fh-zwickau.de
Industry Sector(s): Power electronics

Marija Ilic Country: US
Affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric
Type: Academic
E-mail: ilic (at) mit.edu
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.2
Industry Sector(s): Power systems

Alf Isaakson Country: SE
Affiliation: ABB
Type: Industry
E-mail: alf.isaksson (at) se.abb.com

Christoph Jansen Country: DE
Affiliation: Flensburg Univ. of Applied Sci.
Type: Academic
E-mail: christoph.jansen (at) hs-flensburg.de
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.5
Industry Sector(s): Energy management; digital engineering and IT security

Qing-Shan Jia Country: CN
Affiliation: Tsinghua University
Type: Academic
E-mail: jiaqs (at) tsinghua.edu.cn
IFAC Role(s): TC 9.3
Industry Sector(s): Buildings; power systems

Thomas Jones Country: ZA
Affiliation: S-Plane Automation
Type: Industry
E-mail: jones (at) s-plane.com
IFAC Role(s): TC 7.3
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace (specifically aero)

Ulrich Jumar Country: DE
Affiliation: IFAK
Type: Industry
E-mail: ulrich.jumar (at) ifak.eu
Industry Sector(s): Electrical and electronics manufacturing; automation industry

Esko Juuso Country: FI
Affiliation: Univ. of Oulu
Type: Academic
E-mail: esko.juuso (at) oulu.fi
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (forest, steel, mining); energy systems; biomedical; buildings; machines; water treatment

Steve Kahne Country: US
Affiliation: [retired]
Type: Unaffiliated
E-mail: s.kahne (at) ieee.org
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm, IFAC Advisor
Industry Sector(s): Aircraft systems

Manabu Kano Country: JP
Affiliation: Kyoto Univ
Type: Academic
E-mail: manabu (at) human.sys.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 Ind Cochair
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, semiconductor); medical/healthcare

Jay Katupitiya Country: AU
Affiliation: Univ. of New South Wales
Type: Academic
E-mail: j.katupitiya (at) unsw.edu.au
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 8.1
Industry Sector(s): Agriculture; mining; road construction

Dejan Kihas Country: CA
Affiliation: 1) Engineering Consulting; 2) BCIT - Instructor / Faculty / Electrical Engineering and Technology
Type: Industry
E-mail: kihas (at) ieee.org
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; process industries; agriculture; heavy machinery;

Hiroshi Kitada Country: JP
Affiliation: Nippon Steel
Type: Industry
E-mail: kitada.bx8.hiroshi (at) jp.nipponsteel.com

Michinaga Kohno Country: JP
Affiliation: Consultant
Type: Industry
E-mail: michi (at) michi-city.com
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 IndGr SG7 Chair, TF "Societal Harmony" Member
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.2
Industry Sector(s): Human-centric systems, smart communities, global standardization

Heikki Koivo Country: FI
Affiliation: Aalto University
Type: Academic
E-mail: Heikki.Koivo (at) aalto.fi
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (pulp and paper, mining, mineral processing); renewable energy; mechatronics

Arthur Kordon Country: BU
Affiliation: Kordon Consulting LLC
Type: Industry
E-mail: arthur (at) kordon-consulting.com
Industry Sector(s): Process industries

Zdzisław Kowalczuk Country: PL
Affiliation: Gdansk Univ. of Technology
Type: Academic
E-mail: kova (at) pg.gda.pl
Industry Sector(s): Process industries; automotive; aircraft; maritime industries

Michael Lees Country: AU
Affiliation: Carlton & United Breweries
Type: Industry
E-mail: Michael.Lees (at) cub.com.au
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (food and beverage)

Lihua Li Country: US
Affiliation: General Motors
Type: Industry
E-mail: lihua.li (at) gm.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; powertrains

Robert Mahoney Country: AU
Affiliation: Australian National University
Type: Academic
E-mail: robert.mahony (at) anu.edu.au
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.3
Industry Sector(s): UAVs

Chris Manzie Country: AU
Affiliation: Univ. of Melbourne
Type: Academic
E-mail: manziec (at) unimelb.edu.au
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; aerospace; mechatronics; transportation; energy systems

Andres Marcos Country: UK
Affiliation: Tech. for Aerospace Control
Type: Industry
E-mail: andres.marcos (at) tasc-group.com
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace 

Iven Mareels Country: AU
Affiliation: Federation University Australia
Type: Industry
E-mail: i.mareels (at) federation.edu.au
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Healthcare; financial services; energy; buildings; process industries

Silvia Mastellone Country: CH
Affiliation: FHNW
Type: Academic
E-mail: silvia.mastellone (at) fhnw.ch
Industry Sector(s): Power and energy

Jonathan Meyer Country: BE
Affiliation: Pfizer
Type: Industry
E-mail: EwaldJonathan.Meye (at) pfizer.com
Industry Sector(s): Pharma; mining

Ge Ming Country: CN
Affiliation: KT Control
Type: Industry
E-mail: ming.ge (at) ktcontrol.com
Industry Sector(s): Process industries

Marysia Nowacka Country: DK
Affiliation: Alfa Laval
Type: Industry
E-mail: mariasnowacka (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Marine energy; powertrains; alternative energy sources; energy storage

Eduardo Nunez Country: CA
Affiliation: Molycop
Type: Industry
E-mail: eduarturo (at) rocketmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Mineral processing, mining, process control

Peter Odgaard Country: DK
Affiliation: Goldwind Energy
Type: Industry
E-mail: odgaard (at) ieee.org
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.4
Industry Sector(s): Wind energy; fossil-fired power plants; power grid; consumer electronics

Bhagyesh Patil Country: IN
Affiliation: John Deere
Type: Industry
E-mail: patilbhagyesh (at) johndeere.com
Industry Sector(s): Autonomous Off-highway Vehicle Planning & Control, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research

Jaroslav Pekar Country: CZ
Affiliation: Garrett
Type: Industry
E-mail: jaroslav.pekar (at) garrettmotion.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive

Carlos Pereira Country: BR
Affiliation: UFRGS
Type: Academic
E-mail: cpereira (at) ece.ufrgs.br
IFAC Role(s): TB VC
Industry Sector(s): Process industries; buildings

Stefano Pickl Country: DE
Affiliation: Univ. Bundeswehr Munchen
Type: Academic
E-mail: stefan.pickl (at) unibw.de
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.3

Gilberto Pin Country: IT
Affiliation: Electrolux
Type: Industry
E-mail: pingilbert (at) gmail.com

Paul Puleston Country: AR
Affiliation: Univ. Nacional de La Plata
Type: Academic
E-mail: puleston (at) ing.unlp.edu.ar
Industry Sector(s): Renewable energy; fuel cells; hybrid energy systems

O. Lucia Quintero Montoya Country: CO
Affiliation: Univ. EAFIT
Type: Academic
E-mail: oquinte1 (at) eafit.edu.co
Industry Sector(s): Oil & gas

Mirco Rampazzo Country: IT
Affiliation: Univ. Padova
Type: Academic
E-mail: mirco.rampazzo (at) unipd.it
Industry Sector(s): Buildings; HVAC; Refrigeration; Appliances

Russ Rhinehart Country: US
Affiliation: Oklahoma State University
Type: Unaffiliated
E-mail: rrr (at) okstate.edu
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (chemicals and refining)

Daniel Rivera Country: US
Affiliation: Arizona State University
Type: Academic
E-mail: daniel.rivera (at) asu.edu
Industry Sector(s): Process industries; behavioral medicine; semiconductor manufacturing

Alisa Rupenyan Country: CH
Affiliation: ETH Zurich
Type: Academic
E-mail: ralisa (at) ethz.ch
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Manufacturing; robotics; technology transfer

Tariq Samad Country: US
Affiliation: Univ. of Minnesota
Type: Academic
E-mail: tsamad (at) umn.edu
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Process industries, homes and buildings, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing

Ricardo Sanchez Pena Country: AR
Affiliation: Buenos Aires Inst. of Tech.
Type: Academic
E-mail: rsanchez (at) itba.edu.ar
Industry Sector(s): Biomedical; aerospace

Bran Selic Country: CA
Affiliation: Malina Software
Type: Industry
E-mail: selic (at) acm.org
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; subsea oil & gas; telecommunications; embedded software

Atanas Serbezov Country: US
Affiliation: Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech.
Type: Academic
E-mail: serbezov (at) rose-hulman.edu
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.4
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (chemicals and pharmaceuticals)

Hannes Seyrkammer Country: AT
Affiliation: voestalpine Stahl
Type: Industry
E-mail: hannes.seyrkammer (at) voestalpine.com

Greg Stewart Country: CA
Affiliation: Geco Engineering
Type: Industry
E-mail: greg.stewart555 (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Agriculture; automotive; process industries; papermaking; manufacturing; public health

Gian Antonio Susto Country: IT
Affiliation: Univ. Padova
Type: Academic
E-mail: gianantonio.susto (at) gmail.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 3.2
Industry Sector(s): Semiconductor manufacturing; home appliances; oil & gas

Kenichi Tanaka Country: JP
Affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric
Type: Industry
E-mail: tanaka.kenichi (at) ah.mitsubishielectric.co.jp
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 Ind Cochair
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 4.5
Industry Sector(s): Electrical equipment

Trygve Thomessen Country: NO
Affiliation: PPM Robotics
Type: Industry
E-mail: trygve.thomessen (at) ppm.no
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 4.3
Industry Sector(s): Manufacturing; robotics

Thanh-Binh To Country: DE
Affiliation: Volkswagen
Type: Industry
E-mail: thanh-binh.to (at) volkswagen.de
Industry Sector(s): Automotive

Bill Tubbs Country: CA
Affiliation: B. Tubbs Associates Consulting
Type: Industry
E-mail: bill.tubbs (at) me.com
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Process industry, operational excellence

Alexander Van Delft Country: NL
Affiliation: [Consultant]
Type: Industry
E-mail: alex (at) vandelft.it
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Process industry (chemicals)

Nikolai Vatanski Country: FI
Affiliation: Metso Outotec
Type: Industry
E-mail: nikolai.vatanski (at) mogroup.com
Industry Sector(s): Mineral processing; mining

Tomas Vyhlidal Country: CZ
Affiliation: Czech Tech University
Type: Academic
E-mail: tomas.vyhlidal (at) fs.cvut.cz
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.2
Industry Sector(s): Steel industry

Zhe Wan Country: CN
Affiliation: China National Gold Group
Type: Government
E-mail: 12990534 (at) qq.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.1
Industry Sector(s): Finance and economics 

Yalin Wang Country: CN
Affiliation: Central South University
Type: Academic
E-mail: ylwang (at) csu.edu.cn
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (minerals, metals, oil refining)

Georg Weichhart Country: AT
Affiliation: Primetals Technologies
Type: Industry
E-mail: georg.weichhart (at) primetals.com
IFAC Role(s): TC 5.3 chair
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 5.3
Industry Sector(s): Metals and Steel Industry; Automation; Digital Transformation;

Tobias Weissbach Country: DE
Affiliation: TransnetBW
Type: Industry
E-mail: t.weissbach (at) transnetbw.de
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.3
Industry Sector(s): Power systems

Michael Weyrich Country: DE
Affiliation: Univ. of Stuttgart
Type: Academic
E-mail: michael.weyrich (at) ias.uni-stuttgart.de
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 3.1
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; manufacturing

James Whidborne Country: UK
Affiliation: Cranfield University
Type: Academic
E-mail: j.f.whidborne (at) cranfield.ac.uk
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.1
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace; oil and gas

Dennis Williams Country: US
Affiliation: LyondellBasell
Type: Industry
E-mail: dennis.williams (at) lyondellbasell.com
Industry Sector(s): Process industries

Takashi Yamaguchi Country: JP
Affiliation: Ricoh
Type: Industry
E-mail: takashi.yt.yamaguchi (at) nts.ricoh.co.jp
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 Ind Cochair
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 4.2
Industry Sector(s): Hard disk drives, printers, medical devices.

Inseok Yang Country: KR
Affiliation: Korea Aerospace Industries
Type: Industry
E-mail: jewill (at) hanmail.net

Insoon Yang Country: KR
Affiliation: Seoul National University
Type: Academic
E-mail: insoonyang (at) snu.ac.kr
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 1.4

Xiaofeng Yuan Country: CN
Affiliation: Central South University
Type: Academic
E-mail: yuanxf (at) csu.edu.cn
Industry Sector(s): Manufacturing; petrochemicals; iron and steel

Kaiqiang Zhang Country: UK
Affiliation: UK Atomic Energy Authority
Type: Government
E-mail: kaiqiang.zhang (at) ukaea.uk
Industry Sector(s): Nuclear engineering (fusion energy, decommissioning); robotics (inspection, surveys, maintenance); mechatronics

Ronald van Nooyen Country: NL
Affiliation: TU Delft
Type: Academic
E-mail: r.r.p.vannooyen (at) tudelft.nl
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 8.3
Industry Sector(s): Water management (irrigation, drainage, reservoir management, urban drainage, ground water management)

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Workstream A: Benchmarking industry participation in IFAC

Collect data on industry participation in IFAC and any other related data (e.g., from other organizations such as IEEE CSS). Analyze data, summarize findings, and develop hypotheses. Analysis by industry sector, geography, and other factors would be useful. [Chair: Serge Boverie]

Workstream B: Industry engagement models in different geographies and sectors

There seems to be considerable variation in industry engagement in difference countries/regions and different sectors. This workstream will collect information on industry-engagement models (e.g., government co-funding programs, industry consortia) and attempt to identify best practices that other regions/sectors can learn from. [Chair: Kazuya Asano]

Workstream C: “Voice of industry”

Gather industry viewpoints on what issues they see with leveraging IFAC activities and academic research. These will probably also be specific to sectors, and perhaps to geographies as well. [Chair: Alex van Delft]

Workstream D: Enhancing industry participation in IFAC

Scope: Recommend changes to conferences, journals, and committees that are likely to increase industry participation and make IFAC more relevant to industry. Other mechanisms could also be looked at (e.g., start a webinar series?). The recommendations should be informed by outputs from the above workstreams. Workstream Chair: Roger Goodall

Workstream E: IFAC Constitution amendment for the Industry Committee

IFAC Constitution amendment for the Industry Committee (Tariq Samad, chair) – Formalize the notion of a permanent IFAC Industry Committee. Define a suitable structure and scope. Governance and leadership should also be defined. Propose changes to the constitution to this end. [Chair: Tariq Samad]

Reference Materials

Documents and links for reports, articles, etc. on industrial success stories for advanced control, perspective articles, interviews, etc.
The Impact of Control Technology (2011)

First edition of the Impact of Control Technology report, published by IEEE Control Systems Society. Includes 23 two-page flyers on "Success Stories" as well as discussions on the application of advanced control to application areas: aerospace, process industries, automotive, robotics, biological systems, and renewable energy and smart grids. Research challenges are also featured.

Identification and Control: The Gap Between Theory and Practice

Front matter from an edited volume published by Springer (2007). Editors are Ricardo S. Sánchez Peña, Joseba Quevedo Casín, and Vicenç Puig Cayuela. Includes preface, table of contents, and list of contributors. With thanks to Ricardo Sánchez Peña.

Industrial and Academic Experience in Aerospace Fault Detection and Diagnosis

This document is a report from an EU/IEEE-CSS workshop organized under the auspices of the EU FP7 project "Advanced Fault Diagnosis for Sustainable Flight Guidance and Control" (ADDSAFE). The reader's attention is drawn to Section 2.3 in particular, where industrial and academic perspectives are contrasted. This report provided courtesy of and with thanks to Andres Marcos.