Task Forces

The Industry Committee uses Task Forces to execute its mandate.
The Impact of Automatic Control Research on Industrial Innovation: Enabling a Sustainable Future

The purpose of this taskforce is to structure and coordinate the next steps with this edited volume, which was published in December 2023 as part of the Wiley/IEEE press series on Control Systems Theory and Applications. The aim of the book is to contribute to closing the gap between theory and practice in this important (but often hidden and therefore undervalued) area of technology.

Control Concepts for Managerial Decision Making

This task force is exploring how control principles offers insights for decision makers in organizations. Among other objectives, we hope to develop materials that could be used to broaden the horizons of control engineers and scientists as well as for professional training.

Open Access Resources for Practitioner Education

This task force will develop a curated repository of free online resources for control practitioners who want to refresh on fundamentals, prepare for licensure examinations, or learn new skills.

Benchmarking for Industrial Control Practices

Benchmarks are a set of standards or references against which things may be compared. Many benchmarks have been developed by the controls community for various industrial control problems. This allows practical engineering problems to be resolved collectively and thus enables advanced control in industrial practices.

Communications and Metrics

This task force is responsible for managing the Industry Committee communications and performance metrics

Startups and Entrepreneurship

The aim of this task force is to encourage entrepreneurial activities in the control community, to foster exchange between experienced and budding entrepreneurs, and to bring together like-minded people.


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