What is the IFAC Activity Fund

The IFAC Activity Fund invites applications for financial support of initiatives that foster and promote public engagement and outreach from the control community. The fund sponsors initiatives that:

  • Maximize control community engagement;
  • Promote inclusion and diversity in alignment with the IFAC guidelines;
  • Increase control engineering influence in public discourse and decision-making.

Financial assistance of Euro 5,000 is provided to activity organisers. Applications will be sought twice a year. Submission deadline is the 15th April and the 15th October. You can find the application form here. Each application needs to be supported by an IFAC entity, an IFAC Technical Committee or IFAC National Member Organisation. Please send any queries, comments and suggestions to activityfund@ifac-control.org. Please also have a look at the Q&A section below.


The IFAC Activity Fund was set up in 2020 by then IFAC president Frank Allgöwer. The Fund was developed in a taskforce by Margret Bauer (Germany, chair), Dan Cho (South Korea), Tariq Samad (US), Carlos Pereira (Brazil) and John Lygeros (Switzerland). The Activity Fund Committee consists of five committee members. The current members are: Margret Bauer (Chair), Tariq Samad, Paul Goulart (UK), Ayoung Kim (South Korea) and Carlos Pereira.