The Impact of Automatic Control Research on Industrial Innovation: Enabling a Sustainable Future

The purpose of this taskforce is to structure and coordinate the next steps with this edited volume, which was published in December 2023 as part of the Wiley/IEEE press series on Control Systems Theory and Applications. The aim of the book is to contribute to closing the gap between theory and practice in this important (but often hidden and therefore undervalued) area of technology.

More information on the book is available in the enclosed link:

Cover of book titled 'The Impact of Automatic Control Research on Industrial Innovation'

The book provides:

  • Insights on industrial and commercial applications of automatic control theory.
  • Detailed discussions of industrial sectors including automotive, power conversion, process industry, robotics and manufacturing, building automation and data industry.
  • Industrial viewpoints from representatives from a.o. IBM, ABB and Mitsubishi.
  • An applied research roadmap for each sector.

Next steps

Our intention is to have this volume accompanied by training courses and webinars in 2024. The plan is to organize a number of forum sessions around the book and some of the chapters at major conferences. We will engage industries at more application-oriented conferences, through webinars, and via end-user associations for each region. We also plan to have another “IFAC Industry Connect webinar” related to the book. Moreover, the IFAC Industry Committee is preparing a new Taskforce “Preparing and Engaging Students for a career in Industry”, in which the volume could be used as a standard “curriculum part” as well.

Taskforce chair: Alex van Delft, email: alex (at)

Taskforce members: