IFAC IndCom Roster

Membership roster for the IFAC Industry Committee.
Name Details
Hans Aalto Country: FI
Affiliation: Take Control Oy
Type: Industry
E-mail: hansaalto852 (at) gmail.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 5.4
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (petroleum refining, petrochemicals, chemicals); natural gas transmission

Daniel Abramovitch Country: US
Affiliation: Agilent
Type: Industry
E-mail: danny001 (at) pacbell.net
Industry Sector(s): Mechatronic storage (optical and magnetic disk drives); high-performance instrumentation; atomic force microscopes; mass spectrometers

Sergey Abrashov Country: FR
Affiliation: Continental Engineering Services
Type: Industry
E-mail: sergey.abrashov (at) conti-engineering.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive (Tier 1)

Lounis Adouane Country: FR
Affiliation: Université de Technologie de Compiègne
Type: Academic
E-mail: lounis.adouane (at) hds.utc.fr
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.5
Industry Sector(s): Automotive (autonomous vehicles, hybrid-electric vehicles), defense (autonomous ground vehicles, cooperative air/land robots, swarm robots)

David Anisi Country: NO
Affiliation: Norwegian Univ. of Life Sci.
Type: Academic
E-mail: david.anisi (at) nmbu.no
Industry Sector(s): Robotics, Oil & Gas, Agriculture

Finn Ankersen Country: NL
Affiliation: Consultant
Type: Industry
E-mail: finn.ankersen (at) ieee.org
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.3
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace; power generation and conversion

Aitor Arnaiz Country: ES
Affiliation: IK4 Tekniker
Type: Industry
E-mail: aitor.arnaiz (at) tekniker.es
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 5.1
Industry Sector(s): process industries; manufacturing; renewable energy

Kazuya Asano Country: JP
Affiliation: JFE Techno-research Corporation
Type: Industry
E-mail: ka-asano (at) jfe-tec.co.jp
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 Ind Chair
Industry Sector(s): Metals (steel)

Lidia Auret Country: ZA
Affiliation: Stone Three Digital
Type: Industry
E-mail: lidia.auret (at) stonethree.com
Industry Sector(s): Mineral processing (sensors, control, monitoring, process monitoring)

Tom Badgwell Country: US
Affiliation: Collaborative Systems Integration
Type: Industry
E-mail: tom.badgwell (at) gmail.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.1
Industry Sector(s): Oil and gas

Jayesh Barve Country: IN
Affiliation: GE
Type: Industry
E-mail: barve.jayesh (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Power generation, oil & gas, appliances, transportation, water management, cement, discrete manufacturing

Martin Bayliss Country: UK
Affiliation: Callen Lenz Consulting
Type: Industry
E-mail: mtbayliss72 (at) gmail.com

Abdessattar Ben Amor Country: TU
Affiliation: Nat. Inst. of Appl. Sci. & Tech.
Type: Academic
E-mail: mrdssrst (at) yahoo.fr

Abdelkrim Benchaib Country: FR
Affiliation: SuperGrid Institute
Type: Industry
E-mail: abdelkrim.benchaib (at) supergrid-institute.com
Industry Sector(s): Power systems

Neila Bhouri Country: FR
Affiliation: IFSTTAR
Type: Government
E-mail: neila.bhouri (at) ifsttar.fr
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.4

Rogier Blom Country: US
Affiliation: GE
Type: Industry
E-mail: blom (at) ge.com
Industry Sector(s): Renewables; power generation; aviation; oil & gas; transportation; additive manufacturing; robotics

Nunzio Bonavita Country: IT
Affiliation: ABB
Type: Industry
E-mail: nunzio.bonavita (at) it.abb.com
Industry Sector(s): Technology ventures

Ali Borhan Country: US
Affiliation: Cummins
Type: Industry
E-mail: hborhan (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive (connected, electric, and fuel-cell vehicles; powertrains); freight operations

Scott Bortoff Country: US
Affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric
Type: Industry
E-mail: bortoff (at) merl.com
Industry Sector(s): HVAC; buildings (elevators); factory automation (robotics); HVAC; aerospace (engines, power distribution)

Delphine Bresch-Pietri Country: FR
Affiliation: Mines-Paristech
Type: Academic
E-mail: delphine.bresch-pietri (at) mines-paristech.fr
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.6

Kevin Brooks Country: ZA
Affiliation: APC Smart
Type: Industry
E-mail: kevin.brooks (at) wits.ac.za
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.2
Industry Sector(s): oil refining; pulp and paper; mining, metals, minerals (MMM)

John Burchell Country: ZA
Affiliation: Sibanye-Stillwater
Type: Industry
E-mail: burchell.john (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Mineral processing; mining

Leo Chiang Country: US
Affiliation: Dow
Type: Industry
E-mail: hchiang (at) dow.com

Moncef Chioua Country: CA
Affiliation: Polytechnique Montreal
Type: Academic
E-mail: moncef.chioua (at) polymtl.ca
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Pulp and paper, oil and gas

Loutjie Coetzee Country: ZA
Affiliation: Mintek
Type: Industry
E-mail: loutjiec (at) mintek.co.za

Francesco Corona Country: FI
Affiliation: Aalto University
Type: Academic
E-mail: francesco.corona (at) aalto.fi
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 8.4
Industry Sector(s): Process industries; environmental (water treatment)

Francesco Cuzzola Country: IT
Affiliation: Danieli Automation
Type: Industry
E-mail: francescoalessandro.cuzzola (at) polimi.it
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.2
Industry Sector(s): Metals

Robert David Country: BE
Affiliation: Technord
Type: Industry
E-mail: r.david (at) technord.com
Industry Sector(s): Food and beverage; pharma; cement; water distribution

Lane Desborough Country: US
Affiliation: Nudge BG
Type: Industry
E-mail: ldesboro (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Biomedical; process industries

Stefano Di Cairano Country: US
Affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric
Type: Industry
E-mail: dicairano (at) ieee.org
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.4
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; aerospace; industrial automation

Mamadou Lamine Diagne Country: US
Affiliation: UCSD
Type: Academic
E-mail: diagnm (at) rpi.edu
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 1.2

Japie Engelbrecht Country: ZA
Affiliation: Stellenbosch University
Type: Academic
E-mail: jengelbr (at) sun.ac.za
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace, UAVs

Lars Eriksson Country: SE
Affiliation: Linkoping University
Type: Academic
E-mail: lars.eriksson (at) liu.se
IFAC Role(s): Chair CC7
Industry Sector(s): Transportation and vehicle systems

Yongsoon Eun Country: KR
Affiliation: Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology
Type: Academic
E-mail: yeun (at) dgist.ac.kr

Lorenzo Fagiano Country: IT
Affiliation: Politecnico Milano
Type: Academic
E-mail: lorenzo.fagiano (at) polimi.it
Industry Sector(s): Power systems (generation and transmission); industrial, manufacturing, and grid automation

Eduardo Gallestey Alvarez Country: CH
Affiliation: Honeywell
Type: Industry
E-mail: eduardo.gallestey (at) honeywell.com
Industry Sector(s): Power generation; process industries; mining and minerals processing; upstream oil & gas

Ankur Ganguli Country: US
Affiliation: General Motors
Type: Industry
E-mail: ankur.ganguli (at) gm.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive

Mario Garcia-Sanz Country: US
Affiliation: Department of Energy
Type: Government
E-mail: mario.garcia-sanz (at) hq.doe.gov
Industry Sector(s): Renewable energy

Rafael Gonzalez Martin  Country: ES
Affiliation: Repsol
Type: Industry
E-mail: rgonzalezm (at) repsol.com
Industry Sector(s): Oil refining

Bhushan Gopaluni Country: CA
Affiliation: Univ. of British Columbia
Type: Academic
E-mail: bhushan.gopaluni (at) ubc.ca
Industry Sector(s): Forest products; oil & gas; chemicals; pharmaceuticals

Philippe Goupil Country: FR
Affiliation: Airbus
Type: Industry
E-mail: philippe.goupil (at) airbus.com
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace

Benny Grosman Country: US
Affiliation: Medtronic
Type: Industry
E-mail: cerdlbg (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Medical technology 

Carlos Guardiola Country: ES
Affiliation: Univ. Polit. Valencia
Type: Academic
E-mail: carguaga (at) mot.upv.es
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.1
Industry Sector(s): Automotive

Oleg Gusekhin Country: US
Affiliation: Ford Motor Company
Type: Industry
E-mail: ogusikhi (at) ford.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 5.2
Industry Sector(s): Supply chain management, manufacturing, IoT, automotive, smart mobility

Christoforos Hadjicostis Country: CY
Affiliation: Univ. of Cyprus
Type: Academic
E-mail: chadjic (at) ucy.ac.cy
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 1.3
Industry Sector(s): Social networks

Vahid Hassani Country: NO
Affiliation: OsloMet University
Type: Academic
E-mail: Vahid.Hassani (at) oslomet.no
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 7.2
Industry Sector(s): Marine vehicles and platforms

Vladimir Havlena Country: CZ
Affiliation: Czech Technical University
Type: Academic
E-mail: Vladimir.Havlena (at) cvut.cz
Industry Sector(s): advanced localization, sensor fusion (GPS, inertial, odometry, video, Lidar etc.), advanced driver assistance systems, and collision avoidance for trams

Marcel Heertjes Country: NL
Affiliation: ASML
Type: Industry
E-mail: Marcel.Heertjes (at) asml.com
Industry Sector(s): Semiconductor processing; motion control

Gernot Herbst Country: DE
Affiliation: Zwickau Univ. of Applied Sci.
Type: Academic
E-mail: gernot.herbst (at) fh-zwickau.de
Industry Sector(s): Power electronics

Marija Ilic Country: US
Affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric
Type: Academic
E-mail: ilic (at) mit.edu
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.2
Industry Sector(s): Power systems

Alf Isaakson Country: SE
Affiliation: ABB
Type: Industry
E-mail: alf.isaksson (at) se.abb.com

Christoph Jansen Country: DE
Affiliation: Flensburg Univ. of Applied Sci.
Type: Academic
E-mail: christoph.jansen (at) hs-flensburg.de
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.5
Industry Sector(s): Energy management; digital engineering and IT security

Qing-Shan Jia Country: CN
Affiliation: Tsinghua University
Type: Academic
E-mail: jiaqs (at) tsinghua.edu.cn
IFAC Role(s): TC 9.3
Industry Sector(s): Buildings; power systems

Thomas Jones Country: ZA
Affiliation: S-Plane Automation
Type: Industry
E-mail: jones (at) s-plane.com
IFAC Role(s): TC 7.3
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace (specifically aero)

Ulrich Jumar Country: DE
Affiliation: IFAK
Type: Industry
E-mail: ulrich.jumar (at) ifak.eu
Industry Sector(s): Electrical and electronics manufacturing; automation industry

Esko Juuso Country: FI
Affiliation: Univ. of Oulu
Type: Academic
E-mail: esko.juuso (at) oulu.fi
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (forest, steel, mining); energy systems; biomedical; buildings; machines; water treatment

Steve Kahne Country: US
Affiliation: [retired]
Type: Unaffiliated
E-mail: s.kahne (at) ieee.org
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm, IFAC Advisor
Industry Sector(s): Aircraft systems

Manabu Kano Country: JP
Affiliation: Kyoto Univ
Type: Academic
E-mail: manabu (at) human.sys.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 Ind Cochair
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, semiconductor); medical/healthcare

Jay Katupitiya Country: AU
Affiliation: Univ. of New South Wales
Type: Academic
E-mail: j.katupitiya (at) unsw.edu.au
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 8.1
Industry Sector(s): Agriculture; mining; road construction

Dejan Kihas Country: CA
Affiliation: 1) Engineering Consulting; 2) BCIT - Instructor / Faculty / Electrical Engineering and Technology
Type: Industry
E-mail: kihas (at) ieee.org
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; process industries; agriculture; heavy machinery;

Hiroshi Kitada Country: JP
Affiliation: Nippon Steel
Type: Industry
E-mail: kitada.bx8.hiroshi (at) jp.nipponsteel.com

Michinaga Kohno Country: JP
Affiliation: Consultant
Type: Industry
E-mail: michi (at) michi-city.com
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 IndGr SG7 Chair, TF "Societal Harmony" Member
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.2
Industry Sector(s): Human-centric systems, smart communities, global standardization

Heikki Koivo Country: FI
Affiliation: Aalto University
Type: Academic
E-mail: Heikki.Koivo (at) aalto.fi
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (pulp and paper, mining, mineral processing); renewable energy; mechatronics

Arthur Kordon Country: BU
Affiliation: Kordon Consulting LLC
Type: Industry
E-mail: arthur (at) kordon-consulting.com
Industry Sector(s): Process industries

Zdzisław Kowalczuk Country: PL
Affiliation: Gdansk Univ. of Technology
Type: Academic
E-mail: kova (at) pg.gda.pl
Industry Sector(s): Process industries; automotive; aircraft; maritime industries

Michael Lees Country: AU
Affiliation: Carlton & United Breweries
Type: Industry
E-mail: Michael.Lees (at) cub.com.au
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (food and beverage)

Lihua Li Country: US
Affiliation: General Motors
Type: Industry
E-mail: lihua.li (at) gm.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; powertrains

Robert Mahoney Country: AU
Affiliation: Australian National University
Type: Academic
E-mail: robert.mahony (at) anu.edu.au
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.3
Industry Sector(s): UAVs

Chris Manzie Country: AU
Affiliation: Univ. of Melbourne
Type: Academic
E-mail: manziec (at) unimelb.edu.au
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; aerospace; mechatronics; transportation; energy systems

Andres Marcos Country: UK
Affiliation: Tech. for Aerospace Control
Type: Industry
E-mail: andres.marcos (at) tasc-group.com
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace 

Iven Mareels Country: AU
Affiliation: Federation University Australia
Type: Industry
E-mail: i.mareels (at) federation.edu.au
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Healthcare; financial services; energy; buildings; process industries

Silvia Mastellone Country: CH
Affiliation: FHNW
Type: Academic
E-mail: silvia.mastellone (at) fhnw.ch
Industry Sector(s): Power and energy

Jonathan Meyer Country: BE
Affiliation: Pfizer
Type: Industry
E-mail: EwaldJonathan.Meye (at) pfizer.com
Industry Sector(s): Pharma; mining

Ge Ming Country: CN
Affiliation: KT Control
Type: Industry
E-mail: ming.ge (at) ktcontrol.com
Industry Sector(s): Process industries

Marysia Nowacka Country: DK
Affiliation: Alfa Laval
Type: Industry
E-mail: mariasnowacka (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Marine energy; powertrains; alternative energy sources; energy storage

Eduardo Nunez Country: CA
Affiliation: Molycop
Type: Industry
E-mail: eduarturo (at) rocketmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Mineral processing, mining, process control

Peter Odgaard Country: DK
Affiliation: Goldwind Energy
Type: Industry
E-mail: odgaard (at) ieee.org
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.4
Industry Sector(s): Wind energy; fossil-fired power plants; power grid; consumer electronics

Bhagyesh Patil Country: IN
Affiliation: John Deere
Type: Industry
E-mail: patilbhagyesh (at) johndeere.com
Industry Sector(s): Autonomous Off-highway Vehicle Planning & Control, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research

Jaroslav Pekar Country: CZ
Affiliation: Garrett
Type: Industry
E-mail: jaroslav.pekar (at) garrettmotion.com
Industry Sector(s): Automotive

Carlos Pereira Country: BR
Affiliation: UFRGS
Type: Academic
E-mail: cpereira (at) ece.ufrgs.br
IFAC Role(s): TB VC
Industry Sector(s): Process industries; buildings

Stefano Pickl Country: DE
Affiliation: Univ. Bundeswehr Munchen
Type: Academic
E-mail: stefan.pickl (at) unibw.de
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.3

Gilberto Pin Country: IT
Affiliation: Electrolux
Type: Industry
E-mail: pingilbert (at) gmail.com

Paul Puleston Country: AR
Affiliation: Univ. Nacional de La Plata
Type: Academic
E-mail: puleston (at) ing.unlp.edu.ar
Industry Sector(s): Renewable energy; fuel cells; hybrid energy systems

O. Lucia Quintero Montoya Country: CO
Affiliation: Univ. EAFIT
Type: Academic
E-mail: oquinte1 (at) eafit.edu.co
Industry Sector(s): Oil & gas

Mirco Rampazzo Country: IT
Affiliation: Univ. Padova
Type: Academic
E-mail: mirco.rampazzo (at) unipd.it
Industry Sector(s): Buildings; HVAC; Refrigeration; Appliances

Russ Rhinehart Country: US
Affiliation: Oklahoma State University
Type: Unaffiliated
E-mail: rrr (at) okstate.edu
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (chemicals and refining)

Daniel Rivera Country: US
Affiliation: Arizona State University
Type: Academic
E-mail: daniel.rivera (at) asu.edu
Industry Sector(s): Process industries; behavioral medicine; semiconductor manufacturing

Alisa Rupenyan Country: CH
Affiliation: ETH Zurich
Type: Academic
E-mail: ralisa (at) ethz.ch
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Manufacturing; robotics; technology transfer

Tariq Samad Country: US
Affiliation: Univ. of Minnesota
Type: Academic
E-mail: tsamad (at) umn.edu
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Process industries, homes and buildings, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing

Ricardo Sanchez Pena Country: AR
Affiliation: Buenos Aires Inst. of Tech.
Type: Academic
E-mail: rsanchez (at) itba.edu.ar
Industry Sector(s): Biomedical; aerospace

Bran Selic Country: CA
Affiliation: Malina Software
Type: Industry
E-mail: selic (at) acm.org
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; subsea oil & gas; telecommunications; embedded software

Atanas Serbezov Country: US
Affiliation: Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech.
Type: Academic
E-mail: serbezov (at) rose-hulman.edu
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.4
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (chemicals and pharmaceuticals)

Hannes Seyrkammer Country: AT
Affiliation: voestalpine Stahl
Type: Industry
E-mail: hannes.seyrkammer (at) voestalpine.com

Greg Stewart Country: CA
Affiliation: Geco Engineering
Type: Industry
E-mail: greg.stewart555 (at) gmail.com
Industry Sector(s): Agriculture; automotive; process industries; papermaking; manufacturing; public health

Gian Antonio Susto Country: IT
Affiliation: Univ. Padova
Type: Academic
E-mail: gianantonio.susto (at) gmail.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 3.2
Industry Sector(s): Semiconductor manufacturing; home appliances; oil & gas

Kenichi Tanaka Country: JP
Affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric
Type: Industry
E-mail: tanaka.kenichi (at) ah.mitsubishielectric.co.jp
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 Ind Cochair
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 4.5
Industry Sector(s): Electrical equipment

Trygve Thomessen Country: NO
Affiliation: PPM Robotics
Type: Industry
E-mail: trygve.thomessen (at) ppm.no
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 4.3
Industry Sector(s): Manufacturing; robotics

Thanh-Binh To Country: DE
Affiliation: Volkswagen
Type: Industry
E-mail: thanh-binh.to (at) volkswagen.de
Industry Sector(s): Automotive

Bill Tubbs Country: CA
Affiliation: B. Tubbs Associates Consulting
Type: Industry
E-mail: bill.tubbs (at) me.com
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Process industry, operational excellence

Alexander Van Delft Country: NL
Affiliation: [Consultant]
Type: Industry
E-mail: alex (at) vandelft.it
IFAC Role(s): Exec Comm
Industry Sector(s): Process industry (chemicals)

Nikolai Vatanski Country: FI
Affiliation: Metso Outotec
Type: Industry
E-mail: nikolai.vatanski (at) mogroup.com
Industry Sector(s): Mineral processing; mining

Tomas Vyhlidal Country: CZ
Affiliation: Czech Tech University
Type: Academic
E-mail: tomas.vyhlidal (at) fs.cvut.cz
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.2
Industry Sector(s): Steel industry

Zhe Wan Country: CN
Affiliation: China National Gold Group
Type: Government
E-mail: 12990534 (at) qq.com
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 9.1
Industry Sector(s): Finance and economics 

Yalin Wang Country: CN
Affiliation: Central South University
Type: Academic
E-mail: ylwang (at) csu.edu.cn
Industry Sector(s): Process industries (minerals, metals, oil refining)

Georg Weichhart Country: AT
Affiliation: Primetals Technologies
Type: Industry
E-mail: georg.weichhart (at) primetals.com
IFAC Role(s): TC 5.3 chair
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 5.3
Industry Sector(s): Metals and Steel Industry; Automation; Digital Transformation;

Tobias Weissbach Country: DE
Affiliation: TransnetBW
Type: Industry
E-mail: t.weissbach (at) transnetbw.de
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 6.3
Industry Sector(s): Power systems

Michael Weyrich Country: DE
Affiliation: Univ. of Stuttgart
Type: Academic
E-mail: michael.weyrich (at) ias.uni-stuttgart.de
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 3.1
Industry Sector(s): Automotive; manufacturing

James Whidborne Country: UK
Affiliation: Cranfield University
Type: Academic
E-mail: j.f.whidborne (at) cranfield.ac.uk
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 2.1
Industry Sector(s): Aerospace; oil and gas

Dennis Williams Country: US
Affiliation: LyondellBasell
Type: Industry
E-mail: dennis.williams (at) lyondellbasell.com
Industry Sector(s): Process industries

Takashi Yamaguchi Country: JP
Affiliation: Ricoh
Type: Industry
E-mail: takashi.yt.yamaguchi (at) nts.ricoh.co.jp
IFAC Role(s): WC2023 Ind Cochair
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 4.2
Industry Sector(s): Hard disk drives, printers, medical devices.

Inseok Yang Country: KR
Affiliation: Korea Aerospace Industries
Type: Industry
E-mail: jewill (at) hanmail.net

Insoon Yang Country: KR
Affiliation: Seoul National University
Type: Academic
E-mail: insoonyang (at) snu.ac.kr
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 1.4

Xiaofeng Yuan Country: CN
Affiliation: Central South University
Type: Academic
E-mail: yuanxf (at) csu.edu.cn
Industry Sector(s): Manufacturing; petrochemicals; iron and steel

Kaiqiang Zhang Country: UK
Affiliation: UK Atomic Energy Authority
Type: Government
E-mail: kaiqiang.zhang (at) ukaea.uk
Industry Sector(s): Nuclear engineering (fusion energy, decommissioning); robotics (inspection, surveys, maintenance); mechatronics

Ronald van Nooyen Country: NL
Affiliation: TU Delft
Type: Academic
E-mail: r.r.p.vannooyen (at) tudelft.nl
Industry Vice-chair for TC: 8.3
Industry Sector(s): Water management (irrigation, drainage, reservoir management, urban drainage, ground water management)